MD Electric & Solar, inc.

Over the past decade, we have collaborated with some of the
most talented lighting designers working in this area.

If you have a special lighting need indoors or out,
we would be delighted to help.

"My husband and I faced a much-needed update to the lighting design and installation for our home in Anchor Bay. As part-timers for many years, we coasted along, postponing a job that would include carpentry and scaffolding. Would we find reliable, expert help? As recent full-timers, we took the leap to add to the enjoyment and value of our house."

"With the leadership and skill of Mike Nelson, the project, impacting multiple rooms and hallways, went off without a hitch. The MD Electric team worked with precision, attending to our budget and other needs, every step of the way. We are grateful for Mike and his team's punctual, friendly presence. Why did we wait so long to make such significant improvements? Thank you Mike, Cindi and Caleb: we counted on you, and you came through."

April and Ron Dammann, Anchor Bay

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