We cannot say enough positive things about MD Electric and Solar, and we would like to give a special shoutout to Eric in the office who played a pivotal role in our exceptional experience. From start to finish, our journey with MD Electric and Solar was nothing short of fantastic.
Eric, in particular, deserves immense praise for his dedication and commitment. He went above and beyond to ensure that our solar project went smoothly. Eric navigated the bureaucratic maze by working diligently with the County to secure the necessary permits. He also liaised with PG&E to obtain grid approvals, and he skillfully coordinated with the Building Department to ensure our final inspection happened promptly, just a day after the work was completed. Eric's expertise and tireless efforts made the entire process hassle-free for us.
The installation of our solar system with battery backup was incredibly efficient. The MD Electric and Solar team completed the job in just two days, which was a testament to their expertise and professionalism. The crew that worked on our project was not only large but also highly competent. They were a friendly and hardworking bunch who treated our property with respect.
Casey, the lead on the job, was outstanding. His extensive knowledge of solar systems and battery backup technology was evident, and he made sure to keep us informed at every step of the two-day installation process. Having someone as knowledgeable and communicative as Casey on the team gave us great peace of mind.
Moreover, MD Electric and Solar left no mess behind. They cleaned up thoroughly after their work, leaving our property as tidy as it was before the installation.
What truly impressed us was the immediate functionality of the solar system and battery backup. The battery backup was charged and operational on the first day, ensuring that we had reliable power during potential outages. On the second day, the roof-mounted solar panels were already generating electricity, a testament to the efficiency and precision of MD Electric and Solar's installation process.
In summary, MD Electric and Solar, along with Eric, Casey, and their dedicated team, exceeded our expectations in every way. They made the transition to clean, renewable energy a seamless and enjoyable experience. We wholeheartedly recommend MD Electric and Solar to anyone considering a solar project. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. Thank you for making our solar journey a resounding success!
— Susan & Gary Levenson-Palmer,  Manchester
MD Electric installed a high voltage electric car charger in our Sea Ranch home in July, 2017. The price was fair (about what we paid for the same installation in Berkeley). MD did the work with only an over the phone agreement and exchange of emails. We did not have to be present for the installation. The charger works beautifully with our new Chevy BOLT. We are entirely satisfied with MD Electric's fast, efficient, and fair priced work.
— J. Warner
So grateful to Mike and his crew for responding within 24 hours when the submersible pump on my well finally gave out after 30+ years. They solved several electrical issues and replaced the pump in a timely and very professional manner. We are so lucky to have someone with his skill and knowledge in our community. Thanks Mike!
— H. Williams
High Quality and Excellent Customer Service, MD Electric is the Best in the West!
— K. Schwager
MD electric has done indoor lighting, outdoor lighting for ambiance & safety and solar panels that are installed exactly the right way and saving us money and saving Mother Earth. Three cheers!! Efficient, neat & tidy, knowledgeable, and congenial! Couldn't ask for more!
— J. Brookes
Great price and very professional. We love our solar.
— P.Luchessa
MD electric installed my charger for my Tesla today...and fix an outdoor electrical plug destroyed by salt intrusion.
A very professional installation..thank you
— M. Tully
"My husband and I faced a much-needed update to the lighting design and installation for our home in Anchor Bay. As part-timers for many years, we coasted along, postponing a job that would include carpentry and scaffolding. Would we find reliable, expert help? As recent full-timers, we took the leap to add to the enjoyment and value of our house."
"With the leadership and skill of Mike Nelson, the project, impacting multiple rooms and hallways, went off without a hitch. The MD Electric team worked with precision, attending to our budget and other needs, every step of the way. We are grateful for Mike and his team's punctual, friendly presence. Why did we wait so long to make such significant improvements? Thank you Mike, Cindi and Caleb: we counted on you, and you came through."
April and Ron Dammann, Anchor Bay
— April and Ron Dammann, Anchor Bay
"With top-of-the-line components, it’s everything we could have hoped for. Mike explained all of our options. We made the choice and he quickly and professionally installed the system. Not only was he easy to work with during the installation, he made it just as quick and easy to get the rebates. Mike did all of the paperwork, both for the state and the utility. Every month when we get the electric bill, I say
“Thanks Mike.”

David Fouts & Janet Loxley, Gualala
"A little over two years ago, we decided to do a major remodel on our residence in The Sea Ranch. Originally we hired Mike to install Solar Panels on our home, however, we were so impressed with his professionalism and integrity, we decided to hire MD Electric to complete all the electric work on the remodel. What a pleasure it was to work with Mike. We now consider him a friend. He made the whole process smooth and as stress-free as possible."
— Susan & Craig Alexander, The Sea Ranch
"We are pleased that we were connected with MD Electric & Solar. Mike was
knowledgable, competent, professional, and helpful. He has continued to support
his installation to this day, nearly four years. We’d recommend them anytime unconditionally".

Steve Bohn, The Sea Ranch